Sunday Brunch: New Times Writer Derek Heid and the Week’s Top Posts

Photo by Daniel Ford

Photo by Daniel Ford

Writer’s Bone’s Sunday Brunch features fresh commentary or interviews, jazz recommendations, and a roundup of the week’s top posts. We encourage you to enjoy this post on a weekly basis with a mouthful of omelet and home fries, as well as an unhealthy amount of the aforementioned mimosas, Bloody Marys, or bellinis. Also, send us your brunch pictures and we'll feature them in upcoming posts! You can email them to or tweet us at @WritersBone.


Sean Tuohy talks to Derek Heid, a writer for New Times, about a sunny place for shady people: Florida. 

First Round of Mimosas

Author and podcaster Justin Macumber talks to Writer's Bone about his writing style, the podcast, and what the future holds for him.

Loving the Truth: 8 Questions With Author and Podcaster Justin Macumber

Musical Interlude

Sing it, Etta.

The Newspapermen Eggs Benedict

The Newspapermen feel the mental and physical toll of chasing down a story no one wants them to uncover.

Chapter Seven: Sweet Dreams

A New York City Side of Bacon

Writer’s Bone’s New York City guru Lindsey Wojcik writes about how her experience reading Sari Botton’s Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York made her realize she wasn’t moving out of the metropolis any time soon.

How ‘Goodbye to All That’ Convinced Me to Stay in New York

Photo essayist Cristina Cianci shares seven photos she took while getting to know her new Manhattan home better.

Urban Escape: 7 Photos New York City Slickers Will Love


Down a shot of Wild Turkey 81, dance manically with all the spirits in the night, and enjoy the latest installment of Bruce, Bourbon, and Books.

Bruce, Bourbon, and Books: Wild Turkey in the Night

Podcasts for Dessert

Stand-up comedian, writer, and producer Sara Schaefer stops by Writer’s Bone to talk about the Mall of America, the art of making someone laugh, the lessons she learned from Louis CK, and the unpredictable nature of stand-up comedy.