Top 5 Screenwriters To Follow On Twitter

By Sean Tuohy

Twitter can be a wasteland filled with hashtags and trending topics all but a few Internet trolls understand. But among hordes of handles there are still a few worth following.

These are the #top #five #screenwriters to #follow #on #Twitter. Did we use those right? 

Doug Richardson

"Die Hard 2," "Bad Boys," "Hostage"

“Nicest Guy In Hollywood” Doug Richardson has been in Hollywood for twenty years, and he’s got the stories to prove it. Richardson tells brutally funny and knee slapping stories about his time as a screenwriter. Richardson normally interacts with fans through the social website and has some of the funniest tweets out there.

Creighton Rothenberger/Katrin Benedikt 

"Olympus Has Fallen," "Expendables 3"

Hands down one of them most inspirational Writer’s Bone interviews we ever had. The action writing couple spent 10 years struggling in Hollywood before breaking it big. They are down to earth and terribly funny.

William C Martell

"Steel Sharks"

Quick witted and damn dry, Martell is a bomb to follow. The screenwriter of nearly 20 films and several books, Martell provides the ins and outs of screenwriting.

Steve E. de Souza

"Die Hard," "Commando," "The Running Man"

Through his writing, De Souza has blown up his share of buildings, but on Twitter the action screenwriter can normally be found sharing stories, chatting with fans, and being an all around entertaining fellow.

Jon Hurwitz

"Harold and Kumar," "American Reunion"

Hollywood funny man Jon Hurwitz has been making us laugh for more than 10 years, and he keeps it up on his Twitter feed. Hurwitz uses topical humor and witty statements to split opposing sides. 

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