Sunday Brunch: Boston Historian Barbara Berenson and the Week’s Top Posts

What brunch may have looked like during the Civil War. 

What brunch may have looked like during the Civil War. 

By Daniel Ford


Local Boston historian Barbara Berenson talks to Daniel Ford about her book, Boston and the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution.

To learn more about Berenson and her work, visit her official website,

First Round of Mimosas

Sean Tuohy talks to techno-thriller author Rick Chesler about his novels and why he wanted to be a writer.

Torturing the High Seas: 9 Questions With Techno-Thriller Author Rick Chesler

Country Music Interlude

In place of our typical jazz numbers, we have 10 country hits that are sure to send your creativity right to the honky-tonk!

10 Country Music Songs To Spark Your Creativity Y’All

The Newspapermen Eggs Benedict

Shirley and Henry meet Hal, public scumbag number one, at a midtown night club.

Chapter Eight: Midtown Suds

Second Round of Mimosas

An unedited rant by essayist Dave Pezza brought to you by port, Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska,” Bruce Dern, and a typewriter.

Hate Is A Strong Word

Support Our Troops

To celebrate Veteran’s Day, we compiled five military-related books you should add to your collection. I urge you to support organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project or Ron Capp’s Veteran Writing Project.

5 Books To Read On Veteran’s Day

Podcasts for Dessert

Actress Stephanie Andujar drops by Writer’s Bone to talk about her roles in “Orange Is The New Black” and “A Walk Among The Tombstones” and what you have to do to make it as an actress.

Next Week’s Menu

A podcast interview with comic book artist/writer Dan Jurgens, Sean Tuohy gets a taste of the fashion world from Melanie Andujar, and the latest installment of The Newspapermen!