Are you a writer who is tired of hearing the word “no?” Are you looking for little to no remuneration other than being published at one of the most respectable, (self-proclaimed) coolest writing websites on the Internet? If so, Writer’s Bone might be the perfect home for you. We’re currently looking for writers to contribute to our growing fiction series. Admissions are now being accepted in all lengths and genres.

To submit a story for consideration, email, along with your name, a small blurb about yourself, and a brief description of your work. All files must be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), or Portable Document Format (.pdf) formats.

Please allow us a few weeks to review your work and send you feedback. Additionally, let us be the first to publish your work, and then you can do whatever you wish with it (provided you sing our praises ferociously, preferably in the direction of a drunk, wealthy investor).