7 Photos That Say Farewell To Summer in the City

By Cristina Cianci

Summer is my favorite season. Long hot beach days, soccer camp, bike rides in the neighborhood, pool parties, ball games, and boardwalk strolls made up my Jersey shore summer days and nights as a kid.

Flash forward to current summers in the city. Sticking to the outdoor theme, I find myself in my mid-twenties, still hitting the New York City beaches and West Side highway strolls. Although pool parties have become park picnics (Central, Battery, you name it), baseball is still baseball—now with Shake Shack.

1. You can bet you bottom dollar I'll be at the beach for 11 of the 13 weeks of summer.

2. When time doesn't permit you to leave the island head to Tar Beach, the true New Yorker's summer spot (aka your rooftop).

3.  Baseball, an American classic.


4. Crosswalk strolls.

5. Backyard BBQs

6. No time like the summertime to wander and find new hidden gardens, like this one behind Greecologies, a coffee shop in Little Italy.

7. Outdoor movies in the park…or at a museum…are a staple. This was taken after leaving Disney's “Fantasia,” which played on the big screen at The Museum of Modern Art.