How Photographers See the World Differently Than Writers

The Writer’s Bone crew asked some of their photographer friends if they would contribute to the website so writers could get a sense of how different creative types see the world around them. This is the first post in an ongoing series.

By Cristina Cianci

The combination of the way light reflects off objects and a perfect human reaction is such a rush to capture!

When I was 11 years old, I was given my first real camera as a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle. I was instructed to take it with me to Italy that summer. A gold 35 mm film point and shoot camera that fit perfectly in my little bright blue drawstring GAP backpack. By age 12, I was too cool for that, so I upgraded to Kodak throwaway cameras. They came with me everywhere: field trips, field days, and last days of school for the next three years. I loved a really great snap shot, a moment filled with a lot of high energy and emotion. Age 16: I got my first digital camera, with a memory card and the whole shabang. Throughout high school, I stuck to the status quo with Canon digital point and shoots.

I went to the School of Visual Arts in New York City to study photography. During this time I learned about an array of different mediums and photographers, and soon realized I really loved film photography. As I was training my eye, William Eggleston inspired me. My professors and confused friends constantly informed me that this was a prehistoric art form. I've learned to be quick witted in my responses to "What is that thing?" and "But how do you get them on Facebook?"

It's been fun.

Ever since college, I've been married to my Kodak disposables, all my film cameras, and of course my iPhone camera. Nowadays, they come with me everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, and as many that can fit in my Mary Poppins bag.

Here are 10 of my recent favorite moments captured on film (or iPhone!):

1. My sister from the lens of my iPhone.

2. Venice, Italy, from the lens of my Minolta 35 mm film camera this past summer.

3. My cousins in Italy reaction to my arrival from the lens of a disposable camera.

4. A reflection that caught my eye from the lens of my iPhone in the Italian Alps this past summer.

5. Summer sun rays in the backyard from the lens of my iPhone.

6. First dance as husband and wife at a family wedding from the iPhone.

7. Dunes at dusk this past fall from the iPhone.

8. My cousin, about to fall off a boat, but managing to save the found Starbucks in Italy from my Minolta 35mm film camera. #priorities

9. Backstreet Boys reunion tour bliss this past summer from my iPhone.

10. One of my favorite snap shots from Verona, Italy, this past summer caught on 35 mm film from my Minolta camera.

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