Sunday Brunch: A Conversation With High School Friends Sean Tuohy & Marcus and the Week’s Top Posts

Picture by Stephanie Schaefer

Picture by Stephanie Schaefer

Writer’s Bone’s Sunday Brunch features fresh commentary or interviews, jazz recommendations, and a roundup of the week’s top posts. We encourage you to enjoy this post on a weekly basis with a mouthful of omelet and home fries, as well as an unhealthy amount of the aforementioned mimosas, Bloody Marys, or bellinis. Also, send us your brunch pictures and we'll feature them in upcoming posts! You can email them to or tweet us at  @WritersBone.


Sean Tuohy talks to his friend Marcus about adult puberty, stupid movie ideas, and the origin of Sean’s love affair with noir.

First Round of Mimosas

Author Kat Spears talks to Daniel Ford about her hit novel Sway, her writing process, and the inspiration behind her characters.

Characters On Tap: 11 Questions With Author Kat Spears

Jazz Interlude

You’ll feel anything but blue after listening to these two jazz greats.

Book Lovers Eggs Benedict

It’s been a busy month of reading for the Writer’s Bone crew. Check out our top picks for October. What should be on our list for November?

5 Books That Should Be On Your Radar: October 2014

Second Round of Mimosas

Sure, you could spend Sunday brooding about how your short story is going nowhere (it’s not just us, right?) or you could enjoy one of these movies featuring writers struggling with their craft. You’re right, that’s a grim choice. But these films are still great. What are some of your favorite writer movies?

12 Movies About Writers We Love

Podcasts for Dessert

Legendary stand up comedian Robert Kelly talks about fatherhood, hanging out with Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, and Jim Norton at New York City’s Comedy Cellar, his podcast “You Know What Dude?” and how he remains a Boston kid at heart.

Next Week's Menu

Stephanie Schaefer’s favorite episodes of “Friends,” an essay by Lindsey Wojcik about loving and hating New York City, and the next installment of The Newspapermen.

Keep writing (and Sunday drinking)!