Sunday Brunch: A Conversation With Lindsey Wojcik and the Week’s Top Posts

Writer’s Bone’s Sunday Brunch features fresh commentary or interviews, jazz recommendations, and a roundup of the week’s top posts. We encourage you to enjoy this post on a weekly basis with a mouthful of omelet and home fries, as well as an unhealthy amount of the aforementioned mimosas, Bloody Marys, or bellinis.

By Daniel Ford


Writer’s Bone contributor Lindsey Wojcik stops by to talk about Astoria, N.Y., why she moved to New York City, her most exhilarating work experience, and how she stays inspired as a writer.

First Round of Mimosas

Author Steph Post graciously answered our questions about her early influences, how she went about getting her novel published, and her youthful love of fried gator.

Championing the Loser: 13 Questions With Grit Lit Author Steph Post

Jazz Interlude

One of my favorite jazz tunes. You can’t help but be happy you’re alive after listening to this song.

The Newspapermen Eggs Benedict

The latest installment of The Newspapermen deals with the fallout from Shirley breaking our young cub reporter out of jail. We find our exasperated editor-in-chief attempting to keep the investigation on the right track without endangering Henry and Shirley even further. However, he’s ready to light a few fires and get his ink-stained hands dirty.

Chapter Six: Fit to Print

Second Round of Mimosas

Author Stuart Dybek talks to Dave Pezza his style, Chicago, and creative writing’s place in the age of advanced technology.

Maybe I’m A Panda: 8 Questions With Author Stuart Dybek

Podcasts for Dessert

Writer’s Bone got a whole lot funnier this week with our podcasts featuring Broken Lizard’s Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan and Bryan Johnson from AMC’s “Comic Book Men.”

The Writer’s Bone crew went to see Lemme and Heffernan’s show at Laugh Boston on Oct. 10 and are happy to report the two aren’t any funnier than Sean Tuohy after a few drinks (we’re kidding, they were great!).

Steve Lemme, Daniel Ford, Kevin Heffernan, and Sean Tuohy

Steve Lemme, Daniel Ford, Kevin Heffernan, and Sean Tuohy

Next Week’s Menu

A podcast with comedian Robert Kelly, the next installment of The Newspapermen, and our October 2014 book recommendations.

Keep writing (and Sunday drinking)!