Hitting the High Notes: Our Favorite Musical Moments in Film

"  Come on and twist a little closer, now/  And let me know that you're mine  "

"Come on and twist a little closer, now/And let me know that you're mine"

Productivity plummeted yesterday afternoon in the Writer’s Bone office after I polled our crew for great music moments in movies. My email was flooded with suggestions and it was too hard to narrow the list down, so I decided to include everything. If you want to join the discussion, submit your favorite suggestions in the comments section, post them on our Facebook page, or tweet us @WritersBone.—Daniel Ford

“Singing in the Rain”

Daniel: What’s incredible is that Gene Kelly allegedly had an off-the-charts fever and his suit continued to shrink during the scene’s filming (which may or may not have been done in one take). He looks happier than anyone else in recorded history. True love makes you do some dopey things, but man, it also makes you feel exactly like a well-choreographed musical number.

“Walk the Line”

Daniel: “No darlin’.” This could have gone horribly wrong. Instead, June Carter gives Johnny Cash a “fresh answer” and the rest is music history.

“Almost Famous”

Stephanie Schaefer: Great song. Great movie. Great scene.

“500 Days of Summer”

Dave Pezza: If only all of our post-coital celebrations could be this good.

“Wayne’s World”

Lisa Carroll: This is my daughter Maggie's favorite song and we frequently replay this scene in my car.


Daniel: Why wasn’t my high school like this! Even the supporting babes were hot. I would have followed Olivia Newton John’s leather pants into hell itself.

“Back to the Future”

Daniel: Best lip-synching performance ever. One of the best parts of this scene is the guy who was knocked out snapping his fingers to the rhythm of the song while still on the floor. Also, Michael J. Fox’s wing tips.

“The Sweetest Thing”

Former 1950s movie star and Writer’s Bone newcomer Sara Silvestri: The best BJ singing scene I can think of.


Stephanie: If this scene doesn't make you smile, you don't have a soul. Fun fact: The producer originally hired professional dancers for this, but Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia insisted on doing it themselves.

“The Karate Kid”

Cristina Cianci: Can't go wrong with Ralph Macchio and some soccer.

“Pretty in Pink”

Lindsey Wojcik: I would be born a year after this film was released. However, I still have a deep appreciation for John Hughes' films, which all include some kind of musical moment. This classic Otis Redding song, John Cryer's wardrobe, and the record store all make this John Hughes musical scene stand out to me the most.

“The Big Chill”

Daniel: Everyone in this movie is severely damaged. That’s what makes this scene so powerful. All of the characters forget about all that ails them and let loose to some classic Motown. However, Jeff Goldblum can’t help being creepy.

“Groundhog Day”

Lisa: My husband and I consider this "our song (there may or may not be video evidence of us singing this at karaoke) and sometimes my life feels exactly like this.

"Ferris Bueller’s Day Off"

Lindsey: This scene exemplifies the power of Bueller's charisma. From "Save Ferris" to "Twist and Shout," Bueller can perfectly manipulate situations in his favor—and it's so damn fun! John Hughes' Chicago agrees.

“Remember the Titans”

Lisa: Gets me every time.

“The Bad News Bears”

Everyone’s favorite Upper East Side comedian and Writer's Bone newcomer Rob Bates: One of my favorites. And I don't even give a damn about baseball.

“A Hard Day’s Night”

Daniel: Simply genius. The Beatles essentially made a movie that said,” Hey, look at how cool we are!” Everyone loved it. Because they were (and still are) that cool.


Daniel: What a bitch. Good lord. Ingrid Bergman sure knew how to torture a man. Sam has sheer terror in his eyes when she makes him play the song. And Bogey crumbles pretty much instantly. Have a heart woman!

“Say Anything”

Lindsey: Only Lloyd Dobler (played by the lovable John Cusak) could make standing outside of a girl's window holding a boombox not seem creepy. Tell me: Was there a teenage girl that did not want her crush to profess his undying love for her in similar fashion after seeing this scene?

“Jailhouse Rock”

Daniel: My grandfather and uncle watched every Elvis movie known to man many times over.

"Inner Space"

Daniel: I used to act this out in front of family members. It took me years to realize they probably weren't laughing with me.


Stephanie: Who hasn't belted out "Let it Go" at some point in the last year?

"Way Out West"

Rob Bates: A golden oldie.

“Guys and Dolls” 

Sara: This should be Sinatra singing but I'll take Marlon Brando and some awesome man dancing any day.

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