Writing Supplies: 10 More Cool Gifts for Writers

By Daniel Ford

As I mentioned last year, shopping for writers is a pain in the ass.

Sure, there’s plenty of booze you can choose from, but how original is that? Plus, by now, you must have gotten your writer a dozen bottles for the holidays. Being a writer is hard enough without someone encouraging a dependency issue.

With that in mind, I scoured the Internet and found 10 more cool gifts for the writer in your life.

Plotting in Pink

I love everything about this pink typewriter. Its price tag is a little steep, but it might be worth it for the Instagram pictures Stephanie Schaefer would cook up.

Write On

I have firsthand knowledge that this mug actually changes colors when it’s hot. By the time “Write On” appears after you’ve poured in your hot beverage of choice, you’re ready to start hitting the keys.  

Master Class

Forget James Patterson’s Web series! This book is all you need to become a better writer.

Serving Up Thrilling Plots

My mother shared these on my Facebook wall, so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m getting for Christmas. I can’t imagine a better landing place for my typewriter waffles.

Hot and Cold

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your mug after typing away for a good chunk of time to find your coffee has gone cold. This product would fix that problem once and for all. I don’t want to think too hard about how it works, so I’ll just be satisfied with scalding my lips hours after I poured a fresh cup.  

Shower Journal

Hey, you can do more than weep in the shower now!

Wall Art

If you’re going to stare at the wall for hours at a time while trying to come up with what happens next in your novel, you might as well space out to something funny, yet inspiring.

You’re the Best…According to the Mouse Pad…

You may not believe it, but your mouse pad sure can! Everyone needs an extra boast of inspiration, so why not have it at your fingertips!

Composition Shoes

Last year, we included literary high heels. This year, we provide a more sensible, comfortable option for the female scribe in your life.

Lead Socks

If you get those shoes, you’re going to need stylish socks. And these are Scantron friendly!

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