Writing Supplies: 10 Cool Gifts for Writers

By Daniel Ford

Writers really aren’t that hard to shop for. Books, pens, coffee, copious amounts of alcohol are all acceptable presents.

But there are only so many bottles of Wild Turkey and copies of The Elements of Style you can buy, right?

Here are a few cool gift ideas for the writer in your life (and I was just kidding, there’s no limit to the amount of alcohol you can give a writer):

Let Go of My…Remington?

For god’s sake, make sure the writer you give this to has had enough caffeine to notice that this waffle iron isn’t a real typewriter. Nothing kills a writing session like third-degree burns.  

Have Writer Will Travel Stylishly

Is it me or is this something that Henry Jones from The Newspapermen would carry around (and Shirley would make fun of)?

From Whom the T-Shirt Tolls (Found by Dave Pezza)

There are plenty of worthy t-shirts on Out of Print, but none more beautiful than this one.

100 Typewriters

What’s better than an actual typewriter (or a waffle iron typewriter)? A poster with 100 typewriters!

Grammar Tea Party (Found by Kerri Liss)

Have writer friends who struggle with “your” and “you’re?” Invite them over for tea and cough every time they take a sip of their drink.

Tea for Two Writers (Found by Stephanie Schaefer)

You’re going to need to put something in those tea cups, right?

The Seven Editors

For the samurai editor in all of us.  

Frenemies Beware

Writers must have a lot of annoying friends because there are some pretty snarky gifts out there for the literary inclined. That’s the great thing about words, you can use them without opening your mouth!

Bathroom Material

Sadly, I would be thrilled if this was the only way my novel could be published. There’s part of me that wants someone to develop a Choose Your Own Adventure roll.

Words Night Out

And my Christmas shopping for Stephanie Schaefer is done!

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