Episode 24: Best-Selling Thriller Author James Rollins

James Rollins

James Rollins

A James Rollins novel is usually jam-packed with cool science, historical secrets, and exotic locales. His latest thriller The Kill Switch, written with former U.S. Navy Operations Specialist Grant Blackwood and available in bookstores starting today, features something that might outdo everything that came before: A partnership between a former Army Ranger and his military working dog.

After sending Writer’s Bone an advanced copy of The Kill Switch, Rollins sat down with Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy to discuss his writing process, what’s next for his new duo and his Sigma Force series, and the most scared he’s been on one of his real-life adventures.

To learn more about James Rollins, check out his official website, like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter @jamesrollins.