Author Andy Weir On Hollywood’s Adaptation of ‘The Martian’

Andy Weir

Andy Weir

By Sean Tuohy

This Friday, the world will come together and try to save stranded astronaut Mark Watney from the Red Planet.

Andy Weir’s best-selling novel, The Martian, comes to life on Oct. 2 with famed director Ridley Scott behind the camera and Matt Damon in front of it. I was able to catch up with Weir to discuss the movie.

Sean Tuohy: When you first sat down to write The Martian did you ever think it would become Hollywood film?

Andy Weir: No, I had no idea it would even have mainstream appeal.

ST: What were your first thoughts after seeing the film? What struck you the most?

AW: I’m so happy! It's an incredible film. My favorite part was the visuals. You can't really describe a landscape in a book. You can try, but it doesn't really come across. Usually it ends up being a few really boring paragraphs. But in a visual medium, you can really show the sheer beauty of the environment, and Ridley really gave us an experience. We get to see Mars in all its glory.

ST: Matt Damon plays Mark Watney in the film. What do you think he brought to role?

AW: He absolutely nailed the character. The way he talks, his body language, everything.

ST: How did you feel the first time you saw the ads and movie posters for the movie?

AW: It was really exciting!

ST: What is next for Andy Weir?

AW: I’m working on my next book now. It's a more traditional sci-fi novel with aliens, faster-than-light travel, etc.

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