Happy Hour Friday: 3 Movie-Themed Drinking Games to Enjoy With Your Drunkest Friends

By Sean Tuohy

What is better than sitting around with your friends and drinking some beer and watching a movie? Maybe having a real life, but since none of us on the Internet can do that let's play some drinking games! The games below are our favorite movie-themed drinking games. All you need is booze, a DVD, and some friends who don't mind when you throw up on their shoes.

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"Die Hard"

Watching this classic action thriller in your boxers is more fun when you're blasted.

Booze needed: Beer, whiskey, Jägermeister


  • Drink beer any time "Christmas" is said
  • Take a shot of whiskey whenever Bruce Willis kills a terrorist
  • Take a shot of Jägermeister whenever the German terrorist kills someone
  • Drink beer whenever something blows up
  • Chug a beer when you hear the catch phrase "Yippee Kay Yay"

"The Notebook"

Most men need copious amounts of alcohol to get through "The Notebook."

Booze needed: Wine coolers, fruit-flavored vodka


  • Drink a wine cooler any time the two main characters kiss
  • Down a shot of vodka when they kiss in the rain
  • Chug a wine cooler whenever the old woman gets lost
  • Take three shots of vodka during the "sex scene"

"Super Troopers"

First off,  I made this game up with my friends when we were still high school. This cop comedy is great, but its even better with a lot of barley and hops.

Booze needed:  Beer. A lot of beer.


  • Drink any time "cup the balls" is said
  • Drink any time "meow" is said
  • Drink whenever you see a naked body
  • Drink when you hear the word "enhance"

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