Winter (Reading) Is Coming: 4 Book Collections to Hibernate With

By Sean Tuohy

No, that chill in your bones doesn’t mean a White Walker attack is nigh. Sadly, fall is rapidly fading and soon we’ll be confronted with mounting snow piles and shabby mall Santas.

You may find yourself trapped inside struggling to remember what the sun looks like this winter, so why not dig into a book series?

The following four series will take you away from the ice cold winter and bring you to a new world filled with characters that leap off the pages.

The Last Policeman Trilogy by Ben Winters

The world is going to end in a few months so why carry on? Why do your job? In Ben Winters’ game-changing detective series features a small town police officer who performs his duties as the world around him falls apart. A solid mystery mixed with vivid characters and twists and turns bring Winters’ doomed world to life.

The Harry Bosch Series by Michael Connelly

The long-running series features one of the best literary detectives, Harry Bosch. Bosch is a man who is obsessed with solving murders and filled with a deep darkness. He spends his nights quietly watching the city from his house up in the Hollywood Hills or driving the city streets while listening to jazz. Zigzag plots roller coaster readers through the underbelly of Los Angeles.  

The Sigma Series by James Rollins

Real world science and edgy science fiction mix together perfectly in these action-packed novels. Following a special team that deals with weird, the Sigma Series features slam-bam action and a group of characters you’d follow to the ends of the earth. Each time you open the next book it feels like you’re welcoming an old friend—one that will have you gasping for air by the end of the first page.

The Frontlines Series by Marko Kloos

An over-populated and war torn Earth is uninhabitable, so Marko Kloos’ main character Andrew Greyson decides to join the military and set off on a wild adventure into an ever expanding universe. The series features grounded and human stories that just happen to take place in the far reaches of the galaxy.