Lie in Wait Author Eric Rickstad

In this episode of our mini-pod series, author Eric Rickstad and Sean Tuohy take a deep dive into his novel Lie in Wait, which features Detective Sonja Test.

To learn more about Eric Rickstad, visit his official website, like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter @ericrickstad. Also listen to Sean’s recent podcast interview with the author.

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Why Is ‘Last Action Hero’ So Underrated?

On July 4th, Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford soaked up the sun at the beach and (seriously) discussed the merits of 1993’s “Last Action Hero.” 

Watch the trailer for "Last Action Hero," and try telling us it doesn't look like a classic movie! 

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Dan? Daniel? Danny?

In this installment of “Clippings,” authors Daniel Magariel and Daniel Ford try to decide which first name they like better. Ford also convinces Magariel to pronounce his last name differently based on how Terry Gross (host of NPR’s “Fresh Air”) said it during a book review of One of the Boys.

Listen to our full podcast interview with Daniel Magariel.

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And Our March #NovelClass Read Is…

Dave Pezza and Daniel Ford reveal the next #NovelClass read!

The four finalists are:

And our next #NovelClass book is...

Best-Selling Author James Rollins Recommends ‘Garm Wars: The Last Druid’

During our live interview with best-selling author James Rollins at The Harvard Coop, he recommended we watch…”Garm Wars: The Last Druid.”

As he said, “You might never read another James Rollins novel after you see this terrible movie on my recommendation.”

In case you needed even more incentive to watch "Garm Wars," check out the trailer: 

Also listen to our live interview with the author at The Harvard Coop.