We talk about novels! Nothing is off the table, and we’re mostly sober. If you’ve had the book club blues like us, then NovelClass is your newest, nerdiest friend. No rubber stamps, no shameless plugs, only friendly banter and constructive criticisms. 

And we want you to join along! At the end of each episode of NovelClass we announce next month’s novel. You can read along and send us your thoughts on social media. And if that is not your bag, simply tune in at the beginning of each month to hear our thoughts, critiques, and praises.

Oh, and we love recommendations. Have a book your friends can’t wait for you to shut up about? Send it along. We’ll run it up the flagpole. You can share your suggestions by emailing, dropping a line on our Facebook page, or by tweeting us @NovelClassPod

Current read: Lou Berney’s November Road (With Guest Host Edwin hill)

In Episode 3.10, author Edwin Hill (Little Comfort, The Missing Ones) and Dave Pezza take a deep dive into Lou Berney’s November Road.

Next Read: The Laws of the Skies by Gregoire Courtois.

Our next episode, which airs on Sept. 25, features Dave Pezza, Eric Privy, and Guido Fargiorgio discussing The Laws of the Skies by Gregoire Courtois.

Meet Your Host!

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Dave Pezza is the host of NovelClass, the first spin-off in the Writer's Bone Podcast Network.

He spends his time trying to justify printing "writer" under "Occupation" on his passport application. Pezza has never been to a concert and not screamed "Freebird" at the top of his lungs.

Follow him on Twitter @dpezza02 and @NovelClassPod. Also read his short story "Fighting To Be Warm."