The Writer's Bone crew sets out to review the books that are on your radar.

We’ve all heard of those online masterclasses on writing and filmmaking from successful writers like Aaron Sorkin and James Patterson. In a similar vein, Writer’s Bone introduces its readers and listeners to NovelClass! 

Through our podcast interviews, print interviews, and our monthly book reviews, we like to think we've learned more than a thing or two about reading and analyzing works of fiction.

We’ve also noticed lately that too much media, social or otherwise, has been reduced to people talking at each other instead of in concert with each other. And that’s what we are offering: conversations about specific works of fiction. Simply, we’ll be putting the thoughts and critiques we typically form in our heads and the margins of our paperbacks into a conversation. No wholesale praise or condemnation, just a forum to express opinions, be it positive or negative, without rubber stamps or deconstructive criticisms.  

And what’s more, you pick the book! Just be forewarned that once a book is recommended, we’ll be spoiling the crap out of it! You can send your book suggestions to admin@writersbone.com, leave a note on our Facebook page, or tweet us @WritersBone