Origin Story

How two bored Boston writers developed a platform to inspire other up-and-comers.

Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford

Looking back, I’m pretty sure Sean Tuohy deliberately targeted me with the idea for a podcast.

He claims now that it’s my idea, but with hindsight, I’m able to see through his elaborate ruse. See, despite appearances, Sean and I aren’t childhood friends (or lovers). We met at a Halloween party in Boston in 2013 (our girlfriends actually are childhood friends). Being a huge Superman fanatic, I couldn’t help but be charmed by Sean’s Clark Kent costume and self-deprecating jokes.

We started talking about all manner of nerd culture before Stephanie Schaefer and Rachel Tyner had to physically separate us. I’m still not sure if the idea for the podcast was born that night, but the format certainly was: two guys talking about writing, screenwriting, books, movies, comedy, and comic books.  

It didn’t take us long to develop an identity and a name. Here was the original list I sent Sean:

  • Writer’s Bone
  • Gentlemen Writers
  • 2 Gentlemen Writers
  • Hemingway’s Love Children
  • Scotch & Scribes

Thank goodness we didn’t choose any of the others (although we need to start a series called Scotch & Scribes ASAP) because it would have limited us right out of the gate. If we had kept this to a duet, the Internet would have been deprived of our talented friends’ voices. That led to us reaching out to the likes of Dave Pezza, Lindsey Wojcik, Gary Almeter, Cristina Cianci, Matt DiVenere, Hassel Velasco, Rob Masiello, and all the other wonderful contributors along the way. Stephanie and Rachel not only provided their classy blend of sass and heart, but also proved to be invaluable creative partners.

Beginnings are passionate like a new romance, and endings signal something has come to a close, which opens the door for new beginnings. Middles are...middles. I guess you could say we’re in the middle of something, but it still feels like the beginning. Every new author interview, fiction piece, and Boneyard discussion elicits the same fire it did when we first registered writersbone.blogspot.com.  

Enjoy the revamped Writer’s Bone and continue to write your goddamn face off.

Daniel Ford

Sean Tuohy

Sean Tuohy

Nothing ever goes according to plan, and Writer's Bone didn't have any kind of plan at all. All Daniel and I had was a shared passion for the writing, pop culture, and telling good stories. We took that energy and founded a place where anyone, regardless of education or training, could take their opinion and share it with the world.

Guess what we found? Storytellers like ourselves eager to form a tribe of people who love to share words with the world. What started as a way to alleviate boredom became a platform and tool for writers to use. It’s a thrill ride every day deciding what’s featured on the website and what guests to book on the podcast.