Writing Fuel: 5 More Songs to Jump Start Your Creativity

It’s a short holiday week for some of us, but we all know writers can’t really take days off. Our minds aren’t wired to relax because the muse could come at any time or place and force us to start filling up Word docs, notebooks, and journals.

The Writer’s Bone crew came up with a few more songs to add to your writer’s playlist and help you get the most out of your writing session.

Sean Tuohy: You can only do two things when listening to a Johnny Cash song: Listen to the story that unfolds and creating something damn good.

Robert Hilferty: I find that anything with lyrics is really distracting to me so I typically end up listening to a lot of classical music. Chopin in particular is a favorite of mine. It may be snobbish, but it totally works and keeps me focused.

Lisa Carroll: I'm sitting here listening to the Sara Bareilles Pandora station. It’s a mellow mix that doesn't distract me but warms up the environment. I’m Too ADD to work in silence.

Danny DeGennaro: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats is good "in the zone" writing music. They sound like Thin Lizzy if Thin Lizzy did LSD instead of downers and worshipped Charles Manson.

Daniel Ford: Bruce Springsteen’s “Devils & Dust” album is completely underrated. If you’re in the mood to kick the crap out of your main character (or at least give him a few reasons to brood) this is the song you want to start with. There’s a tinge of hope in this song as well, which makes you think that not all is lost.