Sunday Brunch: A Conversation With Essayist Dave Pezza and the Week’s Top Posts

Photo by Stephanie Schaefer

Photo by Stephanie Schaefer

By Daniel Ford

Isn’t brunch fantastic?

Whenever I travel somewhere that doesn’t understand the tipsy, delicious magic that is brunch, I develop a deep sadness for the people that actually have to live there. Life isn’t worth living without unlimited mimosas, overpriced and pretentiously made Eggs Benedict, and, god willing, a live jazz band that would be right at home in The Newspapermen.

It’s in that spirit that I present to you Writer’s Bone version of brunch. This post will feature fresh commentary or interviews, jazz recommendations, and a roundup of the week’s top posts. We encourage you to enjoy this post on a weekly basis with a mouthful of omelet and home fries, as well as an unhealthy amount of the aforementioned mimosas, Bloody Marys, or Bellinis.

Photo by    Cristina Cianci

Photo by Cristina Cianci


Dave Pezza has been hard at work crafting his next essay. How do I know? I get texts like, “This blows” and “writing is hard.” In the meantime, he sat down to talk with me about his first essay, “In Defense of Analogue,” his writing process, and his favorite vinyl albums.

First Round of Mimosas

This is the jazz before the jazz.

I found out that Writer’s Bone contributor Hailey Reissman is actually friends with author Marie-Helene Bertino, who we interviewed this past Tuesday. Hailey also recommends checking out Bertino’s short story collection, Safe as Houses, in addition to her novel 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas.

The Cat’s Meow: 13 Questions With Author Marie-Helene Bertino

Jazz Interlude

Take five. You deserve it.

The Newspapermen Eggs Benedict 

Sean Tuohy brought The Newspapermen to another level this week with his script introducing us to Hal, a lowlife journalist who is at the edge of his rope. Sean knows noir like the back of his hand, so it was no surprise his entry enhanced the world we’ve created. He’s likely to write a future scene involving Shirley, which I’m hoping will involve our heroine engaging in more gunplay.

Chapter Five: Scum and Villainy

Second Round of Mimosas

Now that you’re feeling the champagne a little bit, maybe you’re in the mood to write a little bit. You can, we’ll save some dessert for you. Before you run off, check out these tips from some of our favorite authors.

Author Inspired: How Our Favorite Writers Combat Creative Lulls

Podcasts for Dessert

I guess popcorn is an odd choice for dessert, but when Sean Tuohy gets angry enough to denounce the popular movie treat, you can’t help but go with the flow. Sean and I also talk about books that deserve their own television shows, poorly written novels, and the glut of young adult novels and movies.

Next Week’s Menu

Podcasts with Comic Book Men’s Bryan Johnson and Broken Lizard’s Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan, more author interviews, Bob (or Bruce), Bourbon, and Books, and more writing inspiration.

Keep writing (and Sunday drinking)!