Sunday Brunch: ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Revisited and the Week’s Top Posts

Picture by Daniel Ford

Picture by Daniel Ford

Writer’s Bone’s Sunday Brunch features fresh commentary or interviews, jazz recommendations, and a roundup of the week’s top posts. We encourage you to enjoy this post on a weekly basis with a mouthful of omelet and home fries, as well as an unhealthy amount of the aforementioned mimosas, Bloody Marys, or bellinis. Also, send us your brunch pictures and we'll feature them in upcoming posts! You can email them to or tweet us at @WritersBone.

By Daniel Ford


Sean and I recently noticed that our discussion about the award-winning television series "Batman: The Animated Series," while watching the episode "Over the Edge," has generated nearly 4,000 views. We decided we would revisit the episodes ourselves by having it lead off our Sunday brunch post. For those of you who haven’t seen it, enjoy!

First Round of Mimosas

Musician Mark Whitaker, armed with a banjo and a voice as smooth as a single malt, talks to me about his early influences, the inspiration behind “Nowhere to Land,” and the art of songwriting.

Finding A Place to Land With Singer-Songwriter Mark Whitaker

Musical Interlude

It’s only fair that we let Mark Whitaker provide the soundtrack to our brunch.

Badass Writers of the Week Eggs Benedict

“Fury” writer/director David Ayer has made his stamp in Hollywood for writing gritty, character-driven movies that audiences can’t get enough of. His backstory earned him this past Friday’s Badass Writer of the Week.

Badass Writer of the Week: David Ayer

The One With the Second Round of Mimosas

“Friends” is one of those shows that simply never goes out of style. In preparation for the show’s Netflix debut, Stephanie Schaefer rounded up her favorite moments.

The One With My 10 Favorite ‘Friends’ Moments

Bonus Music Round

There were a lot of movies with great music released during the 1990s…or at least Sean Tuohy thinks there were. Out of all those film soundtracks that debuted during the post-heavy metal, pre-Justin Bieber days, three stand out for their use of original and compiled music. Get your week moving by listening to The Wonders (as well as those real artists on the soundtracks from “Reservoir Dogs” and “Mallrats!”

The Top 3 Movie Soundtracks of the 1990s

Podcasts for Dessert

An oldie, but a goodie. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Sean and I talk about how we go about building our worlds when we write. Hearing Sean passionately talk about his craft never fails to inspire me. Who inspires you to write?

Writers On Fire: How We Use Emotion To Build Our Worlds

Next Week’s Menu

Our podcast live from the Boston Book Festival, the next installment of The Newspapermen, and more!