5 Stand Up Comedy Specials on Netflix You Need to Watch

By Sean Tuohy

Netflix has hundreds and hundreds of titles to chose from, but some of the best are its stand up comedy specials. Hidden within the sea of hour specials on the streaming website, there are a few of gems that stand up.

Now, let me say this up-front. This is not a list of the best comedy specials ever, or even the best on Netflix. This is a list of the best specials on Netflix that I have seen so far. I'm sure there will be plenty of hours of comedy down the road I'll want to write about, so be prepared for me to add to this list.

For now, enjoy the comedy!

Tom Segura "Completely Normal"

Since this special landed on Netflix, I've watched this special four times, all the way through each time, and it just keeps being funny. Segura is able to paint a vivid picture of the world through his stand up. From his bits about television shows to those about married life and how some people are just awful, Segure hits every beat at the right time and right moment. He is willing to make fun of himself and the world he lives in. There is nothing he shies away from in this special. Segura needs a television show and he needs it now.

Jim Norton "American Degenerate"

Someone once described Jim Norton to me by saying, "He has the funny muscle worked out." He truly does. Norton delivers a side-splitting hour special filled with his views on sex, violence, and how freedom of speech is under attack. All of  Norton's specials are great, each showcasing a comic's comic at work, playing with his art form the same way Jackson Pollock would play with his colors. The best thing about Norton is you can see on his face that he truly loves comedy. He loves being on stage and he loves performing for his crowd. Norton's special is perfect for veteran fans or for first timers.

Louis CK  "Hilarious"

Look, this is a classic so I'm not going to waste a lot of time on it. We all know that Louis CK is funny. He knows how to tell a joke. This hour special is hands down the best showcase of his talent.

Dan Cummins  "Crazy with a Capital F"

Cummins gives viewers a glimpse in to the world of a crazy person in his hour special. Cummins is a master joke teller who sprinkles his act with goofy jokes and tales from his personal life. Cummins has an energy  that can be felt while on stage. It's something that comes from him naturally, and it's something that makes you want to follow and see what happens. He rattles off jokes like a machine gun set to full auto. He sprays the audience with tales from his home life, being a first-time parent, and the trying to be a sane man in otherwise insane world.

John Mulaney  "New in Town"

Mulaney is becoming more and more of household name. From his work on "Saturday Night Live" to his upcoming sitcom "Mulaney," he has made a splash in the last couple of years. This special showcases his self depreciating humor. Milaney does not shy away from sharing personal stories, but at the same time can paint a goofy picture.

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