The Best Gorram Moments of Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Badass Captain Reynolds 

Badass Captain Reynolds 

By Sean Tuohy

"Big Damn Hero" Malcolm Reynolds swept in to our hearts in mind with Joss Whedon's cult television show  "Firefly." The sci-fi/western barely lasted a full season on Fox before it was canned, but it found a second life through books, comics, and one feature film. Among a delightfully misfit cast of characters, Nathan Fillion's Captain Reynolds stood out. Reynolds fought, believed in his cause, and lost badly in a great war preceding the events of the show. Reynolds may captain his ship with iron fist, but he still makes sure his crew knows that they can trust him. Like any truly great leader, Reynolds knew when to swing a fist, when to pull the trigger, and when to listen.

Because our love for Captain Reynolds is so gorram much, I made a short list of some of the best moments of our fair captain.


Aw, see he's not all tough guy. He's got a little heart to him.


Reynolds is fair and he does not like to repeat himself.

"Misbehaving" explanation needed.

"Big Damn Hero"

The man know how to make an entrance.

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