Fortune and Glory: 10 Whip-Cracking, Blaster-Wielding, and Terrorist-Throwing Scenes That Define Harrison Ford’s Badassery

A celebration of Harrison Ford's badassery.

A celebration of Harrison Ford's badassery.

By Daniel Ford

What better way to cheer Harrison Ford up as he convalesces from an injury he sustained on the set of the new “Star Wars” film (which I’m sure was the result of kicking ass on the deck of the Millennium Falcon) than to round up 10 scenes that define his movie badassery.

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“Don’t Call Me Junior”

Okay, don’t call you Junior. So sorry. Continue killing Nazis.

“I Know”

An asshole to the end. Perfect line for Han Solo’s character. He very well could not survive this. Those could be his last words. “I know.” What a dick. I love it.

“I Didn’t Kill My Wife”

Ford delivers this line with all the earnestness and truth his character has. That’s what makes Tommy Lee Jones’ “I don’t care” all the more withering and heartbreaking. I’d jump off the dam after that exchange for sure.


The best part is that Ford allegedly improvised this scene because he had caught the flu and half-jokingly asked Spielberg if he could just shoot the guy. I would say that turned out well for us all.

“It’s Over”

It takes a real badass to stop someone without a weapon. All Ford does is point a finger and “it’s over.” So maybe he’s got a few witnesses/human shields behind him helping his cause, but still.

Right and Wrong

You know what weapon is Harrison Ford’s best ally? The truth.

“Too Cold, Huh?”

Anyone else still have nightmares about Ford playing the creepy villain in this movie? Good, glad I’m not the only one. *shivers*

“News Is A Sacred Temple”

“Morning Glory” is an underrated movie in my book. The best part of this scene is his complete and utter distain for Rachel McAdams character and what she represents. Ford fully inhabits his old-man crustiness. He is also carrying a shotgun the entire time. Brilliant. He also makes a frittata later in the movie, has lunch with Dick Cheney, and spars with Diane Keaton.

The Original Terrorist Defense

Have you noticed Ford’s body of work includes some of the most re-watchable movies of all time? How many times have you seen this scene? How many times have you cheered? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Son of a Bitch

The best “son of a bitch” of all time. I listen to this several times a day.

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