Tunes and Loons: The Top 5 Musical Numbers From 'The Simpsons'

By Sean Tuohy

"The Simpsons" is filled with knee slapping and heartwarming moments, but the best moments for the yellow skinned family are the moments when they break into song and dance. In classic, over-the-top musical fashion, the show created toe tapping tunes that would get stuck in your head for days or years to come.

With an assist from my friend Michael Foley, I created a list of the top five musical numbers from "The Simpsons."

Please note: It is really hard to good quality video and audio for these songs, so I posted just the song with no video.

"See My Vest"

Oh, we see you there  Mr. Burns! Yes, the evil madman who runs the power planet is also a wannabe Broadway singer and dancer.

The Stonecutters

Who loves this song???! We do! When Homer joins secret group of power brokers they do what any power hungry song would do: break out in to song and dance.


I don't have to explain.

"The Garbage Man Can"

He can do so much and there is no stopping him! When family man Homer runs for office, he soon bites off more than he can chew, which he explains to us in this triumphant number.

"We Put the Spring In Springfield"

Ah, you put the "ha" in my "hahaha" Springfield. This number explains how a new brothel is a good thing for the small all-American town.

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