The Boneyard: Bring Back 'Legends of the Hidden Temple!'

Writer's Bone will now be referred to as the Blue Barracudas 

Writer's Bone will now be referred to as the Blue Barracudas 

From the desk of Stephanie Schaefer: "What show or movie from your childhood needs a modern re-boot? And which classics need to be left alone?"

Robert Hilferty: I'd love to a modern version of "Pirates of the Dark Water." That show had a lot of potential and just died on the vine. Also, if it could be turned into a more adult version I'd love to see "Are You Afraid of the Dark." Basically I just want "Tales from the Crypt" back but still...

Sean Tuohy: I'm with Rob on that one,” Tales From the Crypt” should come back.

Stephanie Schaefer: I want to see a “Full House” reunion only to marvel over the fact that Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse have not aged, and adorable Michelle Tanner now looks like a homeless bag lady.

Daniel almost got up and left dinner last night when I told him I wanted to see a “D4: The Mighty Ducks” with Charlie in Coach Bombay's role...

And a “Legends of the Hidden Temple” reboot would be cool too.

Daniel Ford: I believe my exact words were: "What stories are there left to tell in that series???"

What sucks is that all the stuff I loved as a kid did comeback. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Indiana Jones, etc. Part of me is like, "Leave my childhood alone!!" and another part of me is like, "I can totally get on board with “Back to the Future 4” with Doc in an insane asylum in the future and Marty has to leave his job as a food service clerk to go rescue him.

Matt DiVenere: Is it just me, or would a series of Goosebumps movies be amazing. Can you imagine with today's technology some of the craziness that was created in that series?

And I agree with Steph. I think there is plenty of opportunity for a D4. Charlie coaching his kid's pee wee team and they run into a team coached by the main line from the Hawks in the state championship? They lose to them in the regular season so Charlie gets the old Ducks together in order to teach the kids how to play like a team and beat them? Goldberg and the Cat helping the goalie, the Bash Brothers helping the two very big, bad skaters learn how to be tough, Averman teaching the team prankster some tricks? And, of course, a remake of the Bombay missed penalty shot for Charlie's son at the end of the game to win it with Bombay watching from the stands?

In other words, sign me up as a writer for the fourth and let's get this done.

Daniel: You would need several piles of cash, drugs, and hookers for Joshua Jackson to say yes to this. And it would still be terrible. No. Just no. But I like the idea of a Goosebumps series. But it needs to be better written than the actual books.

Cristina Cianci: I'm with Steph all the way, yes, yes, and yes. Blue Barracudas is our new family name.

Robert: Yeah, I can also get behind a new “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Why not bring back “Guts” and “Nick Arcade” while we're at it.

Daniel: Mike O'Malley clearly has time. That guy says yes to everything. I loved “Guts.”

Ditto for “Double Dare.” Scott Summers can't be busy. The pizza-flag challenge in the final Double Dare will always be my favorite. How about a reboot of “Salute Your Shorts?” I don't want a reunion because I'm sure most of the cast is dead or on drugs. Ditto for “Hey Dude.”

Lindsey WojcikMarc Summers! He's hanging out on the Food Network these days.

Daniel: I have not gotten a name right in weeks.

Dave Pezza: I would be first in line to participate in what should be the adult version of “Legends of the Hidden Temple!” And they should make all four teams the Blue Barracudas because, let's be honest, who in their right mind would pick any other team?!

Daniel: Pezza and I have been watching/listening to an old episode of “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” It does not age well. It arguably has the worst host in recorded history.

And it's still awesome.

Lisa Carroll: Having studied Goosebumps and all things R.L. Stein in a class for my masters I agree…the formulaic, simple nature lends itself to a series of spooky shows. I already own a few Goosebumps movies from my days as a middle school English teacher but I think they'd do well with today's zombie-loving thrill-seeking tween set.

Probably dating myself but I loved “Quantum Leap” back in the day... I picked up Season 1 on DVD at the library to share with my 13-year-old daughter and although the concept was great she was not impressed.

Much like my struggle with “Dr. Who.”

I think anything sci-fi from my day pretty much sucked because of a lack of special effects (except “Star Wars”) and most reboots of those shows/movies are much better visually (except “Star Wars”). I am a huge Marvel fan so I love the new development of those stories and the addition of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

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