Thank You For Podding: 5 Authors For Friday

By Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy

Sean and I don’t spend a lot of time looking back.

We’ll rejoice when a podcast or post goes viral (much like our latest interview with horror author Brian Keene and Prickly Pear: 10 Great Moments From Richard Schiff’s Toby Ziegler On ‘The West Wing’ did), but we know our next great moment is ahead of us, not behind us.

However, it’s good to take stock every now and again. After I read Sean’s moving tribute to Maya Angelou, I knew we had to move up that post to Thursday, which gave us an opening in today’s schedule. It seemed like the perfect time to roundup five of our top downloaded podcasts.

Thanks to all the authors, screenwriters, and bookworms who have come on the podcast and graciously spent some time with two young, up-and-coming writers!

James Rollins

“I shot this guy in the head, what do I do now?"

Daniel: I read “The Kill Switch” in two days following this interview. Rollins pulled off a special agent-military working dog and then some.

Sean:  I am really surprised I didn't turn total fan boy during this interview. I have been a huge Rollins fan for years now so getting a chance to talk to him and find out he is really cool was a great moment.

Tim Dorsey

"So let me tell you a story about a T-bird and a Presidential motorcade."

Sean: This interview made me very home sick for Cuban Sandwiches, sun-soaked beaches, and the craziness that is the Sunshine State.

Daniel: I left this interview very worried for humanity in Florida and hungry for a Cuban sandwich.

Craig Johnson

“My wife says, “Walt is who Craig wants to be in 10 years, but he's off to an awfully slow start.”

Sean: I am pretty sure that Johnson is Walt Longmire.

Daniel: I could listen to Johnson tell stories all day. I envy his writing routine on his ranch in Wyoming beyond words.

Rebecca Cantrell

"The first thing I would do if I met Hannah Vogel is apologize."

Daniel: Cantrell was genuinely enthusiastic about being on our podcast, and sincerely wanted us to do well in those early days. She’s a Writer’s Bone favorite for life.

Sean: Rebecca is awesome. She is smart, funny, and one of the nicest people to be on the show. I really enjoyed speaking to her and learning more about the craft.

Charles Ardai From Hard Case Crime

“Ignore rejection.”

Sean:  Ardai helped shape my childhood by help publishing so many great noir authors. Also, Daniel and I totally high-fived when the interview was done.

Daniel: We watched “Bosch” while waiting for Ardai to call in as our first interview. That show is, and still is, awful.

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