Jack Attack: 5 Moments From Jack Donaghy On '30 Rock'

 By Sean Tuohy

The world knows perfection.

The world knows Jack Donaghy.

For seven wonderful seasons, the NBC executive with the steely blue eyes and the voice of a god allowed us to look upon him and rejoice. To pick only five moments that sum of Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy is nearly impossible, so I chose the top five moments that allow us to best understand who Jack is. If you haven't watched Tina Fey's "30 Rock" stop reading this because I hate you.

I kid! I kid!

But you should go watch this show!


If all therapy could be like this we would all be better people.

What Am I?

It's after six.....

It's Winning Time

You ready for this?!?! Oooh yeah! You ready! WOOHOO!!!

The Land Down Under

Don't ya wish you spoke a second language like this man.

Oh, Mother!

No son ever wants to learn this about their mother. Ever!

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