10 of the Most Underrated Sequels of All Time

Not every sequel is as great as “The Godfather: Part II” or as bad as “The Next Karate Kid.”

A good sequel needs to remind us of why we loved the original movie, but also contain characters and a plot that justifies revisiting the same world.

Here are 10 sequels Daniel and Sean think are underrated and deserve to be as beloved as their predecessors. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section or tweet us @WritersBone.

1. “Die Hard: With a Vengeance”

Daniel Ford: My first reaction was that we couldn’t include something as popular and beloved as the third “Die Hard” movie. As always, Sean made a convincing argument and here it is on our list. He also took advantage of my love for New York City porn. Damn him!

Sean Tuohy: Writer story: So when Jonathan Hesleigh, the writer of “Die Hard: With a Vengeance,” was writing the script in New York City, he read about a tunnel being built just outside of the city. He then went to the Federal Reserve in lower Manhattan and asked for a tour. They allowed him to walk in to the vault--one of the largest in the world—and hold gold bars. Then they told him that the subway messed around with their alarm system, so they are removing it. Well, he writes the script in which the bad guys rob the vault using the subway and take the gold up the tunnel to escape. The FBI got their hands on this and held him for questioning. It turns out that at that time someone could have pulled off that robbery just like in the movie.

2. “The Rescuers Down Under”

DF: I had no idea this was a sequel until later in life. I still haven’t seen the first flick. Why bother? This movie is awesome. The cricket yelling pea soup at the restaurant still makes me laugh. I can hear my mother and brother laughing when we first saw it too. That eagle is also majestic as fuck.

ST: I can remember this movie from one of the first summer camps I went to as a kid. We watched it on a small television in a massive room. The scene where the boy rides the bird still sticks out in my mind. It starts off with a heart-racing scene where the kid free falls and then he’s scooped up by the bird.

The artwork is amazing and even the jokes are really funny.

3. “Batman Returns”

DF: Sean and I cover why this movie is so great in a recent installment of The Boneyard, but we could talk about it for days. This sequel has the right amount of seriousness, camp, and black leather. Plus, Danny DeVito as a pitch perfect Penguin. Michael Keaton’s scowl in this movie is on the short list of best scowls of all time.

ST: As Dan said, we can talk about this movie for days. It’s such a stand out in the Batman movie franchise. It’s a movie that understands itself very well. It can be dark and brooding, but then switch on the camp and humor. Also, who didn’t want an army of rocket-throwing birds?

4. “Airplane 2”

DF: Sean, take over, I’m too busy laughing at Simon turning to jelly.

ST: While Dan is busy rolling on the floor and grabbing his side—and I’ll be joining him soon enough—I have to point that this movie is one of the best comedies ever made. From William Shatner’s scenes as the moon base commander to the “Out of coffee?!?!” scene, Airplane 2 will leave you, well, just like Dan.

5. “Blade 2”

DF: My friend Steve-O and I were on a big vampire kick at one point. We tore through “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” and the three “Blade” movies. I’m sure all of this happened during one weekend. The second movie is clearly the best. It has everything you want, villain progression, haunted protagonist, and cool fight scenes that could end up with someone chowing down on someone else’s neck.

ST: My version of "Blade 2" would have had Blade going down to a sun-soaked island to get his groove back with the help of a sexy young vampire. But wisely, the studio didn't listen to me and they instead went with Guillermo del Toro to helm the edgier sequel. The movie is filled with action, awesome fight scenes, and a stone-faced Wesley Snipes. Sadly, they lost their way with the third film...

6./7. “Back to the Future Part II” and “Back to the Future Part III”

DF: I can’t talk objectively about these movies. I spent too much time in a vest carrying around a cardboard hover board for that to happen. I also went through a phase of demanding people call me Marty. And after seeing “Back to the Future Part III,” I wore a black, plastic cowboy hat and forced people to call me Clint. The town dance scene is just fantastic. “The Doc can dance?”

ST: What can you say about these movies that hasn’t already been said? Not much, but I’ll give it a shot here. I made my parents spend hours on the “Back to the Future ride” in Florida. I had the toys, I watched the TV shows, and I even wore some clothes with the logo. But what I always took away from the movies was the relationship between Doc and Marty. Those two faced life and death, one case of incest, and countless bad guys, but always believed in one another.

8. “Homeward Bound 2”

DF: I told myself I wouldn’t cry…dammit. “It’s a thing of beauty when Chance is on duty!” I tear up every time I hear that. Fun fact: Pa Walton (aka Ralph White) voiced Shadow in this one because Don Ameche died in 1993. Also, did Sally Field method act while voicing the cat?

ST: Wait a second. Pa Walton is dead? When did this happen?!?! This is heartbreaking, but I will try and hold back tears on this one. WHY?!?!? Why did you take Pa away?!?!

He had so much to give!!!

DF: Sean, Pa Walton is still alive...the other guy is dead.

ST: Oh, well then. Um, this is a good movie.

DF: Another fun fact about Ralph White. He ran for Congress three times and lost. He lost twice to Sonny Bono's widow.

ST: Wow. How is that not a movie? Pa Walton versus Sonny Bono's widow for Congress. I would watch that!

9. “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”

DF: Pretty sure my younger brother and I wore out this VHS. Tiger training to become a dog is outstanding, especially the part where he’s strutting around and squeaking at the same time.

ST: I caught this flick at a friend’s house one night. It stands out because it was my first taste of the big ol’ West. Also, right after this, I watched my first “Naked Gun” film.

10. “Ghostbusters 2”

DF: One of the best logos for a sequel ever.

And this movie was so…weird. I remember being way more creeped out by this movie than the original. But how can you not love the scene where they get the slime to dance? And, “You’re not sleeping it with, are you Ray?”

ST: The Ecto-1. Do I have to say more? Yes? Good, because I want to. It was an awesome car filled with an awesome group of guys who put ghosts in their places. I have to say the best scene is watching the Titanic arrive in to port and the passenger debark through the gash.

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