50 Years of ‘Star Trek:’ Our Top 5 Favorite Episodes From the Original Series

By Sean Tuohy

“Star Trek,” the long-running and much beloved sci-fi series, has been exploring the far reaches of the cosmos and filling our imaginations for 50 years.

To honor its golden anniversary, we decided to look back at the original television series that started it all and list our five favorite episodes. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments section or tweet us @WritersBone.

Let’s boldly go where so many others have gone before!

Season 1: “Space Seed”

This is one of the most beloved episodes in the history of “Star Trek.” It introduced Khan, the biggest villain in the Enterprise’s history. A relic of the 20th century, Khan is a genetic superhuman who became a warlord. He’s deadly and cunning, and in this episode he takes advantage of the crew in order to take over the ship. Kirk stops him, of course. Simple, thrilling, and filled with great characters and plot lines, “Space Speed” features the best of the "Star Trek" universe.

This episode was also the lead-in for the 1982 film "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." Perhaps you've heard of it. 

Season 2: “Obsession”

An evil creature attacks an Enterprise landing crew and Kirk discovers that the past is haunting him. Eleven years before, the same beast attacked the USS Farragut while Kirk was aboard. Kirk hesitated firing at the creature, which ended up killing his role model. Guilty for his past actions, Kirk becomes obsessed with finding and killing the beast. “Obsession” stands out for its dark storyline and allows the viewers a glimpse into Kirk’s flaws.

Season 3: “And the Children Shall Lead”

Dark and spooky, “And the Children Shall Lead” finds the crew saving children…who are not alone. They have a special friend with deadly powers. Despite the dark tone of the episode, there is a great moment at the end where Kirk is seen comforting the kids. It’s a great showcase for the brash captain’s fatherly side.

Season 3: “The Savage Curtain”

The crew of the enterprise must team up with Abraham Lincoln to fight an evil villain.

No more needs to be said.

Season 1: “The City on the Edge of Forever”

Penned by the legendary Harlan Ellison, this episode is considered one of the best ever and with good reason. The crew finds a time portal, and Kirk falls in love with a woman he must watch to die to save the future.

How great is that?

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