15 Tips From Our Favorite Writers On How To Hone Your Craft

By Daniel Ford

We're spoiled around here with all the advice we get from both established writers and aspiring scribes like ourselves. Every now and again, we like to corral all our favorite tips and words of wisdom into one post and share it for an added boost of creative inspiration. Feel free to share your own literary encouragement in the comments section or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Keep writing!   

Get better, get better, and don’t think about anything other than getting better.
— Richard Russo
Keep writing. Just keep writing. No one else is going to do it for you.
— Jo Baker
Read a lot. Read, read, read. And then try to write something you would enjoy reading.
— Nelly Alard
Photo credit: Stephane de Bourgies

Photo credit: Stephane de Bourgies

Develop your voice through rewriting, but don’t destroy what’s actually working.
— James Vanderbilt
Even if you think your writing is not good, just keep writing every day because you get better every time you do it.
— Michelle McNamara
Read like crazy. And write as much as you can.
— Lee Eisenberg
Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger

Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger

The difference between a writer and a wannabe writer is that, in the end, a writer can’t give up.
— Billy Coffey
I believe that, whatever one accomplishes in life has little to do with age, and everything to do with attitude. If anything, long years of a rich life, as mine was and is, expands a writer’s possibilities. In the end it all resides in the mind and spirit.
— Lynn Rosen
First, read. Read all the time. Read widely. Second, embrace the process. Third, don’t give in to the self-doubt
— W.B. Belcher
Remember that everything is a work in progress.
— Lindsay Starck
Photo credit: Victoria McHugh Photography

Photo credit: Victoria McHugh Photography

The most important thing is to find the subject that feels completely urgent to you.
— Moira Weigel
Take encouragement from everywhere you can get it. Enjoy the journey and do your best work.
— Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt
If you want it bad enough, and you work long enough and hard enough, and you get up again and again and again after being knocked down, you can do this.
— Taylor Brown
Photo credit: Harry Taylor

Photo credit: Harry Taylor

The important thing is to keep a sense of perspective. It took my father’s death (I was 26 at the time) to motivate me to send out my work. His death taught me that time is short, and if there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, you better do it soon, because you may never get another chance.
— Meg Cabot
Photo credit: Lisa DeTullio Russell

Photo credit: Lisa DeTullio Russell

This is work. And it never stops. You have to be both humble and believe in yourself and your songs more than anything.
— Matt Pond
Photo credit: Derek Cascio

Photo credit: Derek Cascio