5 Comics You Should Be Reading

By Atalie Garcia

There are so many comics outside of DC Comics and Marvel that comic readers should get into. Although we love the publishing giants, sometimes we like to take a step back and enjoy other publishers. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone, so dive in and check out these awesome comics that you may not have heard of but definitely should be reading.  


Publisher: Image Comics
Writtten By Jeff Lemire
Illustrated By Dustin Nguyen

Descender is a fantastic science fiction comic that takes a turn towards the innocent by presenting its story through the protagonist, TM-21, a robot modeled as a young boy who is just as innocent as he was intended to be. The comic centers around nine core planets, primarily Niyrata where the cultural hub and best minds were. Past being the proper tense because nine giant robots appeared from nowhere and wiped most of all organic life. This absorbing sci-fi is a fantastic read for anyone who enjoys a good science fiction comic.

The Spirit

Publisher: Dynamite
Written By Matt Wagner
Illustrated By Dan Schkade

Take a trip down memory lane without the problematic facets of the 1940s and you get this new published version of Will Eisener’s The Spirit. It’s campy, fun, and most of all promising. It takes problematically portrayed characters of the comics past (i.e. Ebony White) and draws them well and portrays them wonderfully. If you’re looking for something that is packed full with adventure or just want to experience a modern day version of The Spirit, we recommend this comic wholeheartedly.

The Black Hood

Published By Dark Circle Comics
Illustrated By Michael Gaydos

If you enjoy dark and gritty stories then The Black Hood is certainly for you. It’s a story about a police officer that gets disfigured while killing a vigilante. Not only does he face personal problems like dealing with his depression and drug addiction but he finds himself taking up the mantel of the vigilante that he killed: the Black Hood. This bleak story is great for those who enjoy the darker side of crime fighting.

We Stand On Guard

Published By Image
Written By Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrated By Steve Skroce

This futuristic story begins its first issue with an explosion and ends it with an icy wasteland. Canada is invaded by the United States and a small band of Canadian freedom fighters are here to take their country back. The first issue serves to surprise and intrigue, which it does very well. Since it just began there isn’t much to say about the story except that it presents many questions that you can’t wait to be answered. A great read in the making.


Published By Avatar
Written By Alan Moore
Illustrated By Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore is an amazing writer and Providence is no exception to his writing prowess. It’s seeped in mystery, is captivating and keeps you wanting more. It’s a love note to H.P. Lovecraft and excels in its genre of horror and mystery. A definite read for anyone who enjoys Alan Moore and deeply rooted plots.

Atalie Garcia is the owner and writer of www.onlynerdsallowed.com where she writes comic book reviews, character biographies, and opinion essays on comic book lore and culture. When she is not writing about comic books she's busy being Batman.

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