10 Authors You Should Be Following on Twitter

By Daniel Ford

Here are 10 more writers who deserve a follow from all aspiring wordsmiths. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments section or tweet us @WritersBone.

Chigozie Obioma (@ChigozieObioma)

Author Chigozie Obioma, whose novel The Fishermen we reviewed at the end of May, is funny, poignant, and passionate on Twitter. The world needs more of all three.   

Janaka Stucky (@janaka_stucky)

Poet Janaka Stucky made me think about modern poetry in a different way and had beautiful insights into writing in general during our interview. Well worth a follow in order to get a dose of inspiration on a daily basis.  

Erica Wright (@eawright)

If you’re looking for poetry, humor, and really good reads, look no further than author Erica Wright's Twitter feed.

Boyd Morrison (@BoydMorrison)

Any author that comes on our podcast and writes with Clive Cussler automatically lands on a list like this. It’s the rule. Author Boyd Morrison also happens to be a lot of fun as well!

Tania James (@taniajam)

My first Twitter interaction with author Tania James involved her making an off-color joke about Writer’s Bone’s name. I followed her immediately. Also, elephants.

Rory Flynn (@MrRoryFlynn)

Not only should you be reading and following author Rory Flynn, but you should get to Boston and see him in person during our live podcast at Trident Booksellers & Cafe on June 25 at 7:00 p.m.

Anthony Breznican (@Breznican)

Yes, Anthony Breznican’s  life is cooler than yours, however, you’ll never feel jealous following his Twitter handle because…well…"Star Wars."

Anne Leigh Parrish (@AnneLParrish)

Has author Anne Leigh Parrish contributed an interview, essay, and original fiction piece to Writer’s Bone? Yes. Does that make us biased? Of course it does. However, follow Anne for a ton of inspiration and insights into the writing and publishing world.

Ross Ritchell (@rossritchell)

I think author Ross Ritchell earned plenty of credit from our female readers when he credited his wife as being the reason he gave writing a try. Not all badass writers are as good to their women.

Brian Panowich (@BPanowich)

Not only is musically-inclined author Brian Panowich a de facto member of the Writer’s Bone crew, but his debut novel Bull Mountain comes out July 2 (and it’s really good)!  

Also worth following: @DavidJoy_Author, @michael_f_smith, and @StephPostAuthor.

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