10 Interviews With Writers We Love

By Daniel Ford

What I love most about writers is that we’re a talkative lot.

I mean, you can’t blame us. We usually work alone, huddled over a computer, notebook, typewriter, or smudgy cocktail napkin. When we’ve finally crafted something that resembles a world people might want to spend some time in, we want to return to the world by talking at length to the first human we encounter (typically a significant other who starts to rethink a lot of life decisions).

Some of the truly great writers are lucky enough to have their thoughts recorded by legitimate news, academic, and entertainment sources. I found 10 interviews with writers we love here at Writer’s Bone in order to provide our readers with an added boost of writing inspiration. Judging by the fact that I discovered way more than 10 in my search means this will likely turn into an ongoing series. Feel free to suggest your favorite writer interviews in the comments section or tweet us @WritersBone.

John Irving

Jhumpa Lahiri

Ernest Hemingway

Toni Morrison

Junot Díaz

Elmore Leonard

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