Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow: The Future of Writer’s Bone

Running a podcast and website is really hard.

I know that Daniel and I make it look easy, but there are a lot of early mornings and late nights spent creating content worthy enough for our followers. We created Writer's Bone as a hobby to pass the time, but it has grown into something so much more. It wasn’t our plan for this to become anything more than a small weekly podcast with a Blogger Web page.  However, in less than a year we have moved from Blogger and created a great looking new website, and have produced 55 podcast episodes. We have taken major steps in creating a great brand that has gained a strong viewership. 

The future is upon us and we are ready to take the next steps in creating an even better product. Our 2015 guest line up is already filled with an array of different artists. We have more original and new content coming from a long list of up and coming writers. Daniel and I are also working on recording our first live podcast.

The future is strong for Writer’s Bone. There is much more for us to complete in this upcoming year and I hope that all of you come with us for the ride. We thank you for all the support you have given to us during our first year and we are excited to bring you more in 2015.

Thank you,

Sean Tuohy

Writer’s Bone Publisher