Remembering Legendary Television Writer Steven Bochco

By Sean Tuohy

The world lost one of its best television writers yesterday. Steven Bochco, scribe of “NYPD Blue,” “Hill Street Blues,” “L.A. Law,” died at the age of 74.

The brilliant writer leaves behind a stellar career that shaped modern American TV. During his nearly 40-year writing career, Bochco wrote hundreds of hours of television, many of which won WGA, Peabody, and Emmy awards. He ushered in a new era of gritty, primetime dramas while helming shows such as those named above and “Cop Rock.”           

Bochco knew how to create a compelling world populated with real characters that could warm your heart and inspire disgust within the same 60 minutes. To remember the television legend, we put together four of the best scenes from some of his best shows.

“I Drank”

“Hill Street Blues” was one of the first American shows to have multi-episode story arcs. Captain Frank Furillo was the even-tempered and focused leader of the unit in the long-running T.V. show, but it was slowly revealed during the show’s run that he had a drinking problem.

“Did You Change My Station?”

Andy Sipowicz, one of the greatest T.V. characters ever created, didn’t like the idea of having a new partner. Jimmy, a cool and collected detective, didn’t match the cranky cop’s hard nose style. But it only took one song for the two men to find a common ground.

“I have torrettes”

The court scenes in this show could feature intense back and forth between lawyers or moments of deep humanity. This scene is wonderful cocktail of both.

“Where'd Everybody go?”

This will make you weep. RIP, Steven Bochco. Thanks for the all the small screen memories.