Kelleye Garrett

Episode 226: Live From Books on the Square With Hollywood Homicide Author Kellye Garrett

Mystery author Kellye Garrett introduced her new book Hollywood Homicide last Saturday night at Books on the Square in Providence, R.I.

While attendees sipped on wine from bin 312 and indulged in cupcakes from Sin Desserts, actress Mia Ellis read the first chapter of Hollywood Homicide. Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy then asked Garrett about her origins as a storyteller and what inspired her character Dayna Anderson.

(Special thanks to Vanessa Lillie for organizing the event!)

Just write the book. Don’t worry about being perfect. And then re-write it.
— Kellye Garrett

To learn more about Kellye Garrett, visit her official website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter @kellyekel.

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