Episode 234: Have You Met Nora? Author Nicole Blades

Nicole Blades, author of Have You Met Nora? (out Oct. 31) and The Thunder Beneath Us, returns to the podcast to discuss what went into crafting the characters in her new book, how long it took her to write and edit the novel, and the themes she wanted to explore through her mixed race, and very secretive and conflicted, main character Nora.

Blades and Daniel Ford also talk about what inspired her to start a podcast with her sister, and what’s coming up on Season 2 of “Hey Sis!

Focus on your voice and the story you want to tell.
— Nicole Blades

To learn more about Nicole Blades, visit her official website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Also listen to our first podcast interview with the author, and read our review of Have You Met Nora?

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