Best of 2015: The Top 5 Downloaded Podcasts

We recorded and published 50 podcasts (!) in 2015. To celebrate the end of the milestone, and the end of the year, we decided to share the top five most downloaded podcasts since January.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 61: Screenwriter Eric Heisserer

Eric Heisserer, whose screenwriting credits include 2010’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” 2011’s “The Thing,” and 2013’s “Hours,” talks to Sean Tuohy about how he developed an addiction to writing scripts, why he created his own source material online, how he helped remake a classic horror film, and why directing is one of the most brutally rewarding things a person can do.

Andy Weir Top 5 pods.jpg

Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford talk to author Andy Weir about his hit novel The Martian, Ridley Scott and Matt Damon’s film adaption of the book, “Doctor Who,” and Sean’s chances of surviving on Mars (spoiler alert: the odds aren’t great).

Sean Tuohy talks to screenwriter Jeb Stuart, whose credits include “Die Hard,” “The Fugitive,” “Another 48 Hours,” and “Switchback,” about how he feel in love with writing, the driving force behind his screenwriting career, why he first focused on thriller and action movies, how he developed the script for “Die Hard,” and his experiences in Hollywood.

Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy discuss their writing processes and then best-selling author Tess Gerritsen talks to Sean about her writing career and why now is the best time ever to be a writer.

Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford discuss revising their work, writing out of their comfort zones, and the differences between getting a screenplay noticed and landing a literary agent/publisher. Then, author Kevin P. Keating drops by to talk about his novel The Captive Condition.