Thank Tower Records and New York City for ‘Seven’

By Sean Tuohy

Remember record stores? Those big retail shops filled with CDs, DVDs, and the occasional poster of celebrities smoking pot? Well, if it weren’t for a disgruntled record store employee and the horrors of living in the Big Apple the world would have never gotten “Seven.”

Now considered one of the best American crime dramas of the past 30 years, “Seven” tells the twisted tale of a serial killer that murders based on the seven deadly sins. On the surface, it’s a straightforward whodunit. However, lingering under the thrilling plot is the dark story about how living in a city can slowly kill someone.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker was living in New York City trying to be a screenwriter while working in a record store. (By the way, how is that not a sitcom?!?!) In between walking around the soul-crushing city and going to his mindless job, Walker began to write a screenplay that reflected how he felt.

We ended up getting a film featuring a sociopath who makes an obese person eat himself to death.

Thanks, New York!