Finding the Humor: 8 Questions With Comic Kelly McCarron

Kelly McCarron

Kelly McCarron

By Sean Tuohy

Funny, awkward, and adorable comedienne Kelly McCarron stands out in the comedy landscape by using her original voice to talk openly about her life. She's able to turn the most embarrassing moments in to side-spiting humor. You can purchase her comedy album "I'd Eat Both"  through her official website.

McCarron chatted with Writer's Bone about her beginnings in comedy and what the future holds for her.

Sean Tuohy: What drew you to stand-up comedy?

Kelly McCarron: I’ve been interested in a career in comedy since I was 16. I wanted to do sketch comedy. I read somewhere that if you want to write comedy, any kind of comedy, you should try stand up for a bit. I followed that advice and ended up loving it.

ST: What was your first experiences on stage like? Good, bad, or awful?

KC: I had three minutes and I didn’t suck. I was prepared to suck, but I didn’t. I think having had experiences being funny on stage in high school helped me.

ST: How long did it take you to develop your own voice as a comic?

KC: I think I’m still developing it to be quite honest. But there are certain things I’ve learned to always do. I always keep an adorable, upbeat demeanor about myself onstage, no matter what I’m talking about. I’ve learned that people feel sorry for me if I talk badly about myself. So if I say self-deprecating things with a cute tone of voice and a smile on my face, in allows the audience to relax and laugh along with me.

ST: A lot of comics use comedy to deal with some type of issue in their lives. Do you use comedy as a type of therapy?

KC: Of course I do! All of my comedy comes from a truth and sometimes that truth is painful. Finding the funny in a painful truth can help me get through it and move on. I’ve been using it in scripts I write as well, basing storylines off of my life. It’s very therapeutic.

ST: "Rejected: The Pilot," which can be viewed on your website, is funny and heartfelt. What is the backstory on this pilot? How long did it take from the time you had the idea till you film the first scene?

KC: The backstory is the story. I was in love with my best friend, another comedian, and I told him how I felt, and he wasn’t in love with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a crazy cousin to take me to a weird male strip club, but that’s where creative writing comes in. I did give a candy heart to a boy I had a crush on when I was in the fifth grade. Well, I was too shy, so I had a girl do it for me, and he did throw it on the ground. I started writing the script in the winter of 2011 and we started filming in March of 2013. I have a few more episodes written and a couple more in the works. I would love to have the funds to make more someday.

ST: "I'd Eat Them Both!" was your first comedy album and it's fantastic. Is there a second album in the works?

KC: Thank you! Technically, I suppose another one is in the works, as I am working on new material, but I’m not focused on a new album. I self-produced “I’d Eat Them Both!” and it took a lot of work. If I were to self-produce another one it wouldn’t be for a while.

ST: What does the future hold for Kelly McCarron? Where can we see you next?

KC: I’ve been working on a feature length screenplay called “Siblings.” It’s an odd-couple road trip movie about a brother and sister. I don’t have a relationship with one of my brothers and so I posed the question, “What if I had to drive cross country with him?” And so the idea for “Siblings” was born! I’ve been working on it for about a year now and I’m very proud of it and hope that it can get made!

Cover of McCarron's comedy album

Cover of McCarron's comedy album

ST: What is one random fact about yourself?

KC: I love chocolate shakes, I love hot chocolate; I will not drink chocolate milk. I know that’s weird.

To learn more about Kelly McCarron, check out her official website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter @kellybmccarron.

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