Decision 2016: What We're Drinking On Election Night

Daniel Ford: I figured I might as well try to start a thread while I'm refreshing my Twitter feed every few minutes.

Is anyone drinking tonight? And if so, what's on the Election Night cocktail menu? And if you're not, what is wrong with you?

Lindsey Wojcik: For Election Night, I'm turning to the drink that has comforted me through many moments in my life—be it celebratory milestones or trying times—red wine, specifically a Malbec or Pinot Noir. It has yet to fail me, and I know I'll be soothed through the coverage of this stress-inducing election with my standard drinking buddy by my side. If the results call for celebration, a bottle of rosé may be popped. #RoséAllDay, no matter the season, in my opinion.

Dave Pezza: I’ll be drinking what’s left of the bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey that was abandoned at my house like an off-brand condom wrapper. I loathe Irish whiskey, and yet someone brought it to my house with the worst best intention. It won’t be the only thing I’ll have to choke down this evening.

Daniel: I finished off my Jefferson's a few weeks ago, so I may have to turn to Rough Rider. Over/under on number of glasses it takes me to cry out, "Bully!": Three.

And if things go sideways, it's on to Basil Hayden's. Beer just doesn't seem like enough for an election like this. Gary, what do you think I should drink?

Thanks for playing, Gary!

Also, you know the republic is in trouble when Dave Pezza has turned to Irish whiskey.

Gary Almeter: Since it's #TacoTuesday I am going to purée some tacos and drink those.

Dave: Oh Gary, where would we be without saints such as yourself? Don’t ever change.

Sean Tuohy: I’ll be drinking a case of Capri Sun.

Alex Tzelnic:

No, really, found Suntory at the liquor store in Union Square, and I plan on holding this pose all night long.

Alexander Brown: I'll be drinking half a bottle of Maker's Mark because, yikes, this election.

Daniel: No Labatt? Or Steam Whistle?

Robert Hilferty: I'm convinced we're all in an episode of the “Twilight Zone”/”Black Mirror,” and this election will literally never end. No matter what I drink tonight we'll all wake up and the election cycle will begin anew. Forever.

Robert Masiello: I'm going to an election watch party at a bar near me. There are two cocktails on special:

Nasty Woman: Gin, Cocchi Rosa, Benedictine, lemon, grapefruit and simple syrup garnished with a lemon swath

The Orangeman: Glendalough Double Barrel, Averna, Orleans bitters, lemon and simple syrup shaken with a rosemary sprig and orange swath

Times like these that I love living in Massachusetts.

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