Creative Writing Exercise #1: Joe at the Door

Welcome to Writer’s Bone’s new ongoing series aimed at igniting your creativity energy on Monday mornings! All you have to do is add to the prompt in the comments section and we’ll put the story together and publish it later in the week! If you have any ideas for future prompts, email us at or tweet us @WritersBone.

Joe at the Door

Joe had a cup of coffee in his hands. It was too hot to drink, but it was warming his hand nicely on this cool, early spring morning.

His notebook was in his back pocket. His pen was on his ear. His ideas were rushing through his head. He needed to get to his writing space as quickly as possible.

Joe balanced a plate with his blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese on his left forearm. His stomach rumbled, but he knew he’d only get to his breakfast after unleashing his ideas on a blank page.

He opened the door to his office. It swung wide. Sunlight temporarily blinded him as it did every morning. They quickly adjusted and he took a step into the room.

Joe stopped just past the threshold.

Crap, he thought.

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