Badass Writer Moment: Yukio Mishima Starts A Coup

Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima

By Sean Tuohy

The Writer 

Yukio Mishima was one of the most important Japanese writer's of the 20th Century.

During his lifetime, he was nominated for a Nobel Prize Award three times. His work included novels, poems, and several films that he directed. Outside the creative world, Mishima modeled and was a weight lifter. Yukio was also known for right-wing actives in Japan and created his own style of nationalism during the mid-1960s. After serving in the Japanese Ground Forces, Mishima created his own private militia comprised of his students.

Mishima saw himself as the savior of Japan and in 1970 tried to start a coup.

Whatcha doing?    Thinking about starting a coup.    Oh.

Whatcha doing?

Thinking about starting a coup.


The Moment

In November 1970, Yukio and several members of his private militia entered the main offices of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, sealed themselves in the commander's office, and took the commander hostage. Yukio stepped out on to the balcony and gave a heartfelt speech to the soldiers below, hoping to start a coup. After finishing his speech Yukio was ready to hear cheers from the soldiers, but instead they made fun of him.

Yukio was disheartened and stepped back in to the office.

The pen might not be mightier than this sword.

The pen might not be mightier than this sword.

The Result

So how did Yukio's attempt to overthrow the government go?

Knowing his coup was a failure Yukio took a moment to collect himself before he committed sukkio (aka disemboweling yourself with a sword) in the office. Like all great failed military heroes, his plan didn't work out so he knifed himself.

Makes total sense.