Badass Writers of the Week: Broken Lizard

By Sean Tuohy

They came. They saw. They made us piss ourselves with laughter.

From bored state troopers to beer-guzzling athletics, Broken Lizard has proven themselves as true humor gods. Now, following the announcement of the long-awaited sequel to the beloved ”Super Troopers,” the fellas of Broken Lizard are ready to mustache ride again (You can contribute to the film’s crowdfunding page here)!

Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandrasekhar, Erik Stolhanske, and Paul Soter formed Broken Lizard while attending Colgate College. Their first film together was the ultra-low budget “Puddle Cruiser,” which they filmed on campus. Following that film, the troupe took Manhattan much like Jason Voorhees.

The troupe’s second feature, “Super Troopers,” is an off-the-wall, goofy comedy featuring five Vermont state troopers hell bent on shenanigans (as well as Linda Carter still looking damn good). To promote the film, Broken Lizard took a bus across the country to interact with fans. The film became a smash cult hit and carried the fellas on to their next films.

The guys proved two things: You can make a funny slasher movie, and drinking insane amounts of beer is safe. Wait, that second statement may be incorrect. With “Club Dread,” Broken Lizard mixed shrill screams and laughter. 


They also brought beer drinking to a new level with “Beerfest.” Let’s face it, we have all tried to drink as much as these guys did in that movie, but ended up with a busted bladder.

Broken Lizard is now coming back with “Super Troopers 2.” We’ve all be waiting for it, but as the troupe says, “the time is right meow.” And the best part is, their fans get to be an integral part of the film! Donate so that the Vermont highways are once again safe for comedy, and we can all find out what Farva is doing in the trunk.  

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